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Human Powered Transport: The Elliptigo!

You may have seen ads for this rather silly looking bicycle substitute on TV. I thought it looked like hard work and not particularly practical as a mode of transport. In fact, the advertising seemed to just pitch this as an outdoor cross trainer so that you can escape the oppressive environment in your local gym.

elliptigo in the bike cage

I was really surprised to see it in the bike cage at work. Someone has obviously decided it would be good transport. Perhaps it is someone with back or shoulder issues that prevent them from riding a regular bicycle. I wonder if it’s presence will become a regular one. If I see it’s owner I will have to ask for a ride.

This one is more like a bicycle, in that it has two wheels, but you can also get another version called the ‘Street Stryder’ which is like a stand up tadpole trike.

I guess it’s good that people are striving to invent a better bicycle, but I’m not sure we are there quite yet!


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