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Double the Adventure: hiring a tandem bike in Perth

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Xtracycle Sidecar – Finally a solution for my 30kg dogs!

Yes, you heard it right, xtracycle is offering a sidecar, which will be available in ‘fall’. It’s a pretty vague delivery date, so instead of preordering I have signed up for notifications that it is in stock. I have been thinking about trying to build a sidecar myself to provide a transport solution for my dogs. The other option, buying a Gazelle Cabby or a Bullit, was going to be out of my budget for quite a long time.


The xtracycle sidecar is available for $149USD. For more info you can check out this blog entry on Go Means Go or see Xtracycle for preorders or to set up a stock notification.



Everyday cycling: Xtracycles carrying other bikes

I won an auction on ebay for three Chopper frames. The only problem – the car is many hundreds of kilometres away and not available for pick up duties. Turns out the choppers were not that far from my place – about a 10km round trip.

The answer?

Xtracycle loaded with chopper frames

My Xtracycle loaded with 3 chopper frames

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Everyday Cycling: More Xtracycle Adventures

Loaded Xtracycle Goodness

Loaded Xtracycle Goodness

I rode the Xtracycle to work this morning, in anticipation of picking up a Big Parcel from the post office on the way home. They left the parcel at the most annoying post office in my area, it is only open until 5pm on weekdays and is not open on Saturdays. I had to get out of work an hour early to get there with a decent buffer of time.

On the way back through the city I saw a guy who was walking his bike with a rather large box balanced precariously on his handlebars. He shouted over at me ‘I could do with one of those today’! I had a second look at his bike – it didn’t even have a rear rack. I figured if he had a rack he could at least have strapped the box to it. I think it was one of those ‘form over function’ bikes that look cool but fall down when expected to serve in unexpected ways. There is a reason why all my bikes (except the Giant TCR) have racks.

The post office wasn’t overly busy and I got my package from Bike 24. It contained my latest upgraded bits for my Surly Long Haul Trucker – a prebuilt Mavic 317-Shimano DH-3N72 26″ wheel (for a princely sum of 83,95 EUR), and a Busch & Muller Lumotech Cyo N Plus LED 175QNDi, and a Busch & Muller 4D’ Toplight Senso Multi LED Rear Light. When the woman behind the counter lifted the box I heard some rattling sounds. The box, while bulky, was pretty light and mainly empty.

I had to go grocery shopping after that, I got mainly fruit and vegetables as well as a fair few cans (baked beans and canned tomatos were on special).

When I loaded up the bike and got on I realised the groceries were significantly heavier than the Bike24 box, and I think I looked a bit silly riding leaned over to compensate for the weight.

I installed the new wheel and lights on the Surly this evening, and will start to test them out tomorrow. It was great to take the xtracycle out and haul things with it. There’s a certain sense of self-satisfaction (or smugness) that comes with cargo biking that is hard to beat!

The Lopsided Load

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