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Owner Review: Fluid Water Bottle Cage

Ever broken a Water Bottle Cage?

As of today I have!! A plastic “Fluid” brand bottle cage.

cracked fluid bottle cage

The Schwinn Le Tour Sport that I bought in the middle of 2012 came complete with accessories from discount outdoor & camping retailer, Anaconda. I gave away the lightset and helmet so I don’t know how they went, but this bottle cage was disappointing, as well as being ugly!

fluid bottle cage

I have done 2,264 km on the bike since I got it but most of it has been commuting so there hasn’t been a lot of getting the bidon in and out of the cage.

I bought some cheap 24g carbon bottle cages from ebay to put on my TCR which have had a much harder life and they are still going strong. I think I will order some more!

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Sweet Ride

Scored this very cute notebook for my birthday. It will serve as a nice journal for my next bike trip. Hopefully there will be a couple when the weather cools down a bit. It is certainly not cyclist friendly in Perth this week with baking temperatures. The only riding I will be doing will be after dark.


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Kitties and Bicycles

I’ve complained before that my pets aren’t so much into my hobbies of cycling or kayaking. Well, check out Pikachu the Travelling Kitty! He hangs out in his bike trailer and let himself be chauffeured across the USA.

I’m not sure about the angle on Ted’s bike seat though.

My dogs are both too heavy to pull, so I got to thinking about the advantages of having a kitty companion on a bike tour.

They are much smaller and lighter than even the littlest dogs, and they don’t eat very much. They sleep 20 hours a day, so you can leave them doing their thing in a trailer whilst you drive the pedals. They have great balance so you don’t have to worry about them falling over in the trailer when you take a tight turn.

The problem is getting a kitty that is willing to encounter all kinds of new situations without freaking out too much. I am not sure either of my cats are as brave as Pikachu.

mittens bike

There is a big difference between sitting on my road bike on the trainer. I have raised the possibility of looking for another pet who could join me on my adventures but the inn is already full.

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Bike and Train: Half the Pain

It’s the time of year when every weekend seems to fill up with endless Christmas parties. Other gatherings just add to the festivities, and the logistical nightmare if your friends have moved out to suburbs which are 30 or 40 kilometres from you!

waiting at the train station

On Saturday we had two gatherings to attend, one was 30ks away and the next one was 20ks from the first one – which was still 40ks from home! This would mean 90 kilometres of travel in one day. At the end we planned on parting ways, as I would go home, and Ms N would be going to yet another party!

As far as I saw it there were a few options –

1. Take the car, put a bike in the back, drive everywhere but I would ride home after the second gathering while Ms N could have the car.

2. Ride the whole way

3. Use the train system where possible – so from the city to the first party, then ride to the second party, then catch the train from there to the city again.

Ms N wasn’t keen on driving, and it was going to be pretty hot to do 90 kilometres, especially since I am not that fit at the moment!

Option 3 it was!

schwinn on train

I still rode about 50 kilometres in total: from home to the city; from the train station to gathering number one; from gathering number one to gathering number two; from gathering number two to the train station; and then from the city home.

The train rides were very pleasant – on the way out at 11.30am there were only a couple of others on the train, and on the way home at 8:20pm there were a lot of people dressed to the nines ready for their night out in the pubs and clubs of Northbridge. They were all well behaved. The ride in the middle of the day from gathering one to gathering two was hard, and hot, and we got lost (thanks, google maps), but all in all I think it was the best option, creating a much more memorable day.

The train rides cost about half as much as if we had taken the car, and we got a good amount of exercise as well. I’d like to think other people do this type of thing in Perth, instead of just taking the default option and picking up the car keys. Even though Perth’s public transport system has many black holes and gaps, you can fill them quite effectively with a bicycle.

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