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My Surly Hates Me!

Dirty chainstays from a rusting chain

Due to the fat tyres, mudguards and dyno-light set up that I have on my Surly Long Haul Trucker, it is my bike of choice for winter. Unfortunately for the Trucker that has lead to some accellerated wear of components.

A few weeks ago when there was a big storm front headed towards Perth, we had some monster tides. The Swan River around the city is quite heavily tidal, and this monster tide caused flooding along it’s banks. Barrack Street was flooded and closed for a period of time. As I rode around Burswood, it was dark and I plunged the Surly through several flooded sections where the water was up to my hubs. Not thinking about how salty the water could be, I failed to give the chain a rinse that night. Now the chain is quite noticably orange and is weeping orange gunk on to the chainstays. With some regular oiling, the chain is still running OK, despite leaving rusty gunk everywhere. I will replace it at the end of winter in a couple of months time. Hopefully it will hold out that long!

I also noticed over the past week that braking is getting spongey. I had a closer look at the brake pads and discovered that the stock pads that came with my Avid Shorty cantilevers have been dissolving quite quickly. The Koolstop Salmon pads I have on the front are faring slightly better but they will probably need replacing soon too. I put a spare pair of Clarks cheapie brake pads that I got to bulk up my last order from in order to get free postage. They seem to perform better than the stock pads, so that is a positive.

Hopefully the Surly won’t hate me so much that it decides to go on strike. It will get some serious loving in Spring.



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