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New Posts on the new Blog

Hello all, just a reminder if you are using an RSS feed or have links to this blog, it’s time for an update to the new URL at

The newest entry is a 2,500 kilometre review of my Swiss Stop Flash Pro Green brake pads.

I also too the fat bike out for a spin this weekend, see the blog entry here.

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Making the Leap to Self-Hosting

Hello everybody!


This is a quick notice to let you know that I am moving this blog over to a self-hosted site. It will allow me more flexibility in design, to get rid of hosted ads, and to make better use of various affiliate programs in order to fund the hosting fees.

To link directly to the new blog, or set up RSS feeds the URL is

I will do a little article about setting up a self-hosted blog in the near future, but this blog won’t be updated after that, so please please update all your links!

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Giro d’Perth Alleycat Ride – 17 March 2013

This was a really cool semi-organised scavenger hunt style ride which took us through many back alleyways in Perth in search of clues.

They have a website here.

the map and questions etc

the map and questions etc

Read the rest at my new blog

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A Casual Sunday Fat Bike Cruise

Yesterday I threw two bikes into the back of the car and we headed out to John Forrest National Park, to ride the Heritage Rail Trail.

It is the end of summer here so everything is dry and dusty. Thankfully the area around the rail trail has escaped the bushfire season this year so everything was still alive. This trail is a mostly easy, wide trail which is a bit exposed, so it was fairly hot. It’s a well maintained trail for the most part and not technical at all.

One of the highlights is the old railway tunnel which we rode through. Here’s a video with some snippets from the ride.

I was very happy with the traction the fatty gets on the loose gravel stuff. Next step will be to do the entire rail trail (83 kms of it) and then try the Perth end of the Munda Biddi on fat.


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