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Fat Bike – 9:zero:9

finished fat bike

My 135mm offset 9:zero:7 is finally all put together. It has Large Marge Light rims laced to a Shimano XT hub at the back and a Surly hub at the front. It’s mainly SRAM x7 drivetrain components, except for a Shimano XT E-type front derailluer. We also have blingy Race Face Turbine cranks.

Brakes are Avid BB7 mechanical discs.

The tyres are 45 North Husker Dus, and I’m running 29″er tubes because the Surly tubes were out of stock.

The bike weighs 13.4kgs, not bad for a fatty! I haven’t had a chance to ride it far yet but it is pretty fun to ride in the sandpit at the park across the road and not worry about digging in and falling off! I do want some Crudcatcher mudguards though as the HuDus seem to pick stuff up and fling it at me as I ride.

Anyway, off to ride it now.



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9:zero:7, bringing a bit of Alaska to Perth

Finally my beautiful Carver O’Beast fork arrived from the USA, so did a small amount of assembly. At this point the frame/fork/stem/bars feels light. Of course the heaviest component is to come…. the wheelset.

9:zero:7 and o'beast

After much deliberation I decided to get a Large Marge Light wheelset built by – I thought about ordering the parts and doing the build myself but it turned out that the Bikeman price for a custom built wheel is highly competitive.

I’ve also got some RaceFace turbine fatbike cranks on their way – I got the red ones because they were the only ones in stock that were 170mm and they look pretty cool. Not sure how they are going to go with the orange frame, but I think they’ll be OK. People aren’t going to look much past the 4 inches of rubber anyway.

At this stage I’m aiming to have the build finished by the start of March, just in time for it to start cooling down and the beach crowds to start thinning out.


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Happy New Year! 2013 to-do list Blackjack

Instead of making new years’ resolutions, I figured it would be better to make a ‘to-do’ list.

1. Build my 9:zero:7 fat bike (have frame, will build!) DONE
fat bike frame

2. Sell at least two bikes

3. Modify my CarryFreedom Y-Large bike trailer to carry my kayak

4. Ride as much of the Munda Biddi Trail as possible

5. DIY laundry renovation

6. Ride the Ocean Ride for MS, raising at least $300

7. Ride Amy’s Gran Fondo (15 September 2013), fundraise at least $500

8. Ride at least 8,000 kilometres for the year

9. Upgrade this blog to remove the ads, hopefully fund the upgrade via proceeds from readers buying via my Affiliate links.

10. Build my shed

11. Sponsor a dog at Swan Animal Haven and take it for weekend outings

12. Fix the muffler on my car

13. Organise some ‘slow rides’ to get out and enjoy bikes with newer riders

14. Keep my bikes clean and well tuned

15. Teach my dog Bender to stay on a kayak for more than 10 minutes in a position that allows me to paddle

16. Try kayaking in the surf

17. Take the dogs camping or road tripping as much as possible

18. Revisit Esperance, WA

19. Kayak to Seal and Penguin Islands at least once

20. Take friends kayaking in the Swan River

21. Ride tandem at least a couple of times

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