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Car vs House – Greenfields Western Australia

OK, so this one isn’t technically in metropolitan Perth, but these poor people have had their house ploughed into TWICE. They feel like they have nowhere to turn, and have not been allowed to build the perimeter wall of their house closer to the road, presumably to preserve sight lines for motorists.

In October, a Ravenswood man crashed his utility through the front bedroom of the family home after failing to negotiate a bend.

The car landed on the couple’s bed and it was a fluke no one was killed.

A 19-year-old was charged with dangerous driving, drink-driving and driving without a valid licence. He was fined $1450.

On December 4, a car involved in a high speed police chase rolled through a fence and landed on its side. Ryan Norman Bishop (25), of Greenfields, was arrested at the scene.

He was charged with failing to stop, reckless driving, no authority to drive, driving an unlicensed vehicle and possessing a controlled weapon. He was fined $2950 and lost his licence for 18 months.

The article is here in the Community News.

From the charges it is clear that the Police have taken these seriously, but fines and license suspensions really do not seem to deter these chaps. I suppose there will always be that one percent that really shouldn’t be on the road. If we didn’t have such a car-centric city, maybe some of them wouldn’t!

Notably, the City of Mandurah say that:

“It should be noted that for the average road user, the road design is quite satisfactory. But for speed and alcohol/drug-related motorists, the City finds itself having to engineer additional traffic calming and traffic barrier safety.

“This obviously adds to the costs of the city’s road works budget, which in turn impacts upon ratepayers.”

It sounds like a bit of a moan to be honest. I don’t see them doing anything to encourage alternative transport options. There are almost no bike lanes and people are expected to ride on concrete jointed footpaths (shared paths) which follow the curve at every corner and have to give way at every junction and driveway. I have ridden down to Mandurah a few times, and drivers seem to be courteous during the very limited amount of time I spent riding there. Then, I ride on the road a fair bit and don’t have the ‘subjective safety’ issues with riding on the road that a lot of people have, so it’s pretty clear I am an outlier there.


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Ride to Conquer Cancer: Let the fundraising begin!

We had all of our fundraising chocolates delivered to N’s office, so I had to go and get my half. The xtracycle comes in handy again! We will probably be shifting a lot of these chocolates in our bid to raise money for the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

The Xtracycle loaded with 7 boxes of Cadbury fundraising chocolates

After moving the chocolate from her office to mine, the Xtracycle and I went shopping. As I was trying to leave a guy asked me about it. I don’t want to be rude, but sometimes it’s a drag being a public relations officer for cargo bikes!

The good news is that in the first day of chocolate sales, I sold 19!


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