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Warning Labels gone Nuts

Most of you would have seen warning labels on bicycles that say “always wear your helmet”, as well as reminding you to check that all nuts and bolts are tight before you jump on and go for a ride. Worse are the Bicycle Shaped Objects posing as mountain bikes which have stickers that state they are “not for offroad use”. Then there are the BMX bikes that say “not for extreme or stunt riding”.

Well I bought a kayak last week. I got it second hand from a guy who had used it twice because he prefers the ‘sit in’ style of boat. It’s a Bic Ouassou – is a short, flat bottomed boat which is about as stable as a barge. I actually got it so that the dogs and I could enjoy a spot of paddling together.

After I had spent a bit of time playing with the dogs and getting them to sit in the boat in the living room, I noticed that the kayak had one of those dreaded warning stickers.

It says ‘ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET’ !! What? This isn’t a whitewater boat. Actually it says on the website that it can be used for beginner whitewater and beginner surf, but seriously? ALWAYS wear a helmet? The safety people aren’t going to be happy when they see my dog and I without lifejackets puttering around the flat, sheltered water of the Swan River then.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Yehuda Moon, there is a subplot going on over there at the moment featuring a character called Nanny State. Go on and check it out.


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