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My Bikes: Upgrading the CRX2

The CRX with shiny new hoops

The CRX2 was looking and feeling a little bit tired, so when I saw someone selling a set of very lightly used DT-Swiss 1800s off their Giant TCR I decided to snap them up. I am fairly happy with the performance of the DT1800s on my TCR, so I thought they would have to be better than the R500s the CRX came stock with about 13,000kms ago.

The DT1800s roll smooth like butter and it’s really given the CRX a new lease on life. It’s my favorite commuter again. They also have a unique kind of hum when they are rolling – it is amplified by the fat tubes on the TCR, so they are a bit more subtle on the aluminium CRX.

It’s amazing the difference a wheel upgrade makes to a bike that is feeling a little tired.

The R500s will go onto a gaspipe Repco Mixte that I picked up off ebay for $10. The Mixte came complete, except for wheels. I stripped it last autumn, but it’s been too cold and wet to actually paint it, since I have to paint outside. I enjoy painting frames, so decided I would rattle can this instead of sending it to the powdercoaters. Hopefully I will get a chance to actually paint it in the next month or so!

The Repco Mixte


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Reasons to Ride: The place where we live

The Bike Fridays on a ride along the coast

There’s certainly no doubt about it – Western Australia has some nice places to ride, for both casual and serious cyclists. What it lacks in hills though, it makes up for in gusty wind – which is good when it is behind you, not so good if it’s in your face.

The South Perth foreshore

The South Perth foreshore now has a dedicated cycling path so that the pedestrians and cyclists don’t have to share. It makes it easier to cruise along and enjoy the view, one still has to be aware of the unleashed doggies and meandering pedestrians who do not read signs.

A bridge near Rivervale

Of course, aside from puttering around the river, I use my bike for errands and transport. Unfortunately, bike racks are not always available at the destination. As long as there is some kind of pole though, parking is possible. Bikes really do not take up much room.

A trip to City Farmers for doggie treats

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Cause for Celebration: Another Xtracycle

OK, I didn’t get photos, but for the first time today I spotted another Xtra in the hood. This makes me happy. There are a few cargo beasties I see around the CBD, like the longtail that parks in front of the building next to mine around 3 days a week. There was an xtracycle that occasionally was heading out of the city in the mornings when I was heading in…. but I haven’t seen him for ages.

The next SQUEE will be reserved for a bakfiets. If I ever see one I will accost the rider just to tell them how awesome they are. Very out of character for me, but I don’t think I could contain myself…..

xtracycle and shopping trolley

The Shopping Trolley


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Charity Rides: Cycling is a force for Good….

So I’ve added a new page to my blog about the Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer. Two hundred kilometres (plus a bit more), starting in the Perth CBD, is going to require a bit of training for me. I am trying to do at least 120 kilometres on weekends at the moment. The training schedule is going to have 3 x 120k weekends, and then a weekend off. I will gradually start to ramp up the kilometres. There are a lot of people who haven’t thrown a leg over a bike since they were a kid doing this ride, but my aim is to do each day in about 4 hours and spend the rest of the time luxuriating in camp getting leg massages and eating!

MS Ocean Ride photo

Trimming down a bit will help too!!

Along with the fitness goals involved, I need to raise a minimum of $2,500. My personal goal is just that little bit higher – I’m after about $3,000.

It seems like cancer is starting to rear it’s ugly head for people I know. It’s like once you get past 30, all these little evil tendrils creep in and the risk factors for everything start to climb. There is a schedule of checks and examinations you are meant to keep. Half the population will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Research is expensive and can take a long time to develop viable clinical results – but it has led to increased survival rates for so many different types of cancer.

If cancer has touched you or someone you know, please consider donating. Everything counts.

donate online now

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