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More new posts on

If you haven’t updated your links and feeds, now is the time to do it, as I’m going to stop doing these updates at the end of April.

I have done a quick write up on a lifetime of a pair of Kenda Koncept (blue) road bike tyres.

And two entries about carrying stuff on your bike, the first was about carrying BIG LOADS, and the second about carrying the everyday type stuff like laptops, groceries, books etc (medium loads).

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New Posts on the new Blog

Hello all, just a reminder if you are using an RSS feed or have links to this blog, it’s time for an update to the new URL at

The newest entry is a 2,500 kilometre review of my Swiss Stop Flash Pro Green brake pads.

I also too the fat bike out for a spin this weekend, see the blog entry here.

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Making the Leap to Self-Hosting

Hello everybody!


This is a quick notice to let you know that I am moving this blog over to a self-hosted site. It will allow me more flexibility in design, to get rid of hosted ads, and to make better use of various affiliate programs in order to fund the hosting fees.

To link directly to the new blog, or set up RSS feeds the URL is

I will do a little article about setting up a self-hosted blog in the near future, but this blog won’t be updated after that, so please please update all your links!

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Car vs House – Fatality in Merriwa

I was collecting these car vs house stories as I was flabbergasted about how so many cars manage to be driven into people’s places of residence in Perth. I have no idea if this is a prevalent thing in other Australian cities but it is shocking to me how often it happens here. It got to the point where I gave up because if I kept sharing them, my blog would be full of them and not have enough proper cycling content.

This one is worth mentioning though because it involves a fatality and serious charges by the Police (finally). 

Some of the article text from PerthNow: 

A WOMAN has been charged after crashing a Toyota Hilux into a home in Merriwa in the early hours of this morning, killing a sleeping eight-month-old baby inside.


It will be alleged that at 2:30am, the 35-year-old woman’s vehicle mounted the median strip, ploughed through a wooden fence and into the wall of Nate Dunbar’s bedroom in the Tug Cove home his family lives in.


Emergency services tried desperately to save the baby boy, but tragically he died from his injuries.


The Quinns Rock woman has been charged with dangerous driving occasioning death. She is due to appear in Joondalup Magistrates Court on February 11.


RIP Nate, my thoughts go out to his family. 

Unfortunately this isn’t a ‘freak’ occurrence, drivers attempting to demolish houses with their motor vehicles happens quite frequently. Those who escape unscathed are lucky. Perth’s luck ran out on this one though. 

The major factor in all of these cases appears to be alcohol (although the Police are still investigating in this case so I can’t say one way or the other whether alcohol was involved).

The driver was walking at the scene and was taken to hospital but is in a stable condition. As cars get more and more safety features built in, the mortal threat to the driver seems to be diminishing. This isn’t the case for those innocent people outside of the car. 

There is something seriously wrong with our thinking here. Why do people continue to drink and drive? Is it because they don’t see an alternative? Is it because they think driving is a right, not a privilege? 

I hope we see some serious sentencing for this woman. Perhaps making an example of her would help curb reckless behaviour for Perth drivers. Perhaps it won’t, it might be something that is just deeply ingrained into our driving culture. 

I need to go for a ride to cheer myself up.


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Sweet Ride

Scored this very cute notebook for my birthday. It will serve as a nice journal for my next bike trip. Hopefully there will be a couple when the weather cools down a bit. It is certainly not cyclist friendly in Perth this week with baking temperatures. The only riding I will be doing will be after dark.


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Severe Weather Warning? No Worries.



I got this trainer for my birthday last year – it’s an Elite Super Crono gel trainer and is super quiet but has good resistance. When I first got it I realised I needed an industrial fan to make up for the lack of wind in my hair, but now I have it set up with the fan it is awesome. Putting the trainer on a long rug means that I can just drag the whole setup (carefully) around the room.

I have never had any other trainers but the Super Crono seems like the real deal, and I saw them set up outside the GreenEdge bus during the Tour de France so they must be good. 


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Training: Perth Ride to Conquer Cancer, 1000ks in June


I didn’t quite make my lofty goal, but managed to get 948 kilometres under my tyres for June. Well, I aimed for the stars, and I hit the moon, breaking my record for the most kilometres ever ridden in a month. In amongst it all was one metric century and six rides which fell into the 50 – 100 kilometre bracket.

It was quite a worthwhile exercise in pushing myself, now I can ride 60 or 70 kilometres on the flat and barely feel it the next day. That is a big improvement from where I was at at the end of May. I haven’t really increased my average speeds but I feel like that will come.

I have been thinking about my official goals for July though I haven’t completely settled on them yet.

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