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A Casual Sunday Fat Bike Cruise

Yesterday I threw two bikes into the back of the car and we headed out to John Forrest National Park, to ride the Heritage Rail Trail.

It is the end of summer here so everything is dry and dusty. Thankfully the area around the rail trail has escaped the bushfire season this year so everything was still alive. This trail is a mostly easy, wide trail which is a bit exposed, so it was fairly hot. It’s a well maintained trail for the most part and not technical at all.

One of the highlights is the old railway tunnel which we rode through. Here’s a video with some snippets from the ride.

I was very happy with the traction the fatty gets on the loose gravel stuff. Next step will be to do the entire rail trail (83 kms of it) and then try the Perth end of the Munda Biddi on fat.


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Fat Bike – 9:zero:9

finished fat bike

My 135mm offset 9:zero:7 is finally all put together. It has Large Marge Light rims laced to a Shimano XT hub at the back and a Surly hub at the front. It’s mainly SRAM x7 drivetrain components, except for a Shimano XT E-type front derailluer. We also have blingy Race Face Turbine cranks.

Brakes are Avid BB7 mechanical discs.

The tyres are 45 North Husker Dus, and I’m running 29″er tubes because the Surly tubes were out of stock.

The bike weighs 13.4kgs, not bad for a fatty! I haven’t had a chance to ride it far yet but it is pretty fun to ride in the sandpit at the park across the road and not worry about digging in and falling off! I do want some Crudcatcher mudguards though as the HuDus seem to pick stuff up and fling it at me as I ride.

Anyway, off to ride it now.



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9:zero:7, bringing a bit of Alaska to Perth

Finally my beautiful Carver O’Beast fork arrived from the USA, so did a small amount of assembly. At this point the frame/fork/stem/bars feels light. Of course the heaviest component is to come…. the wheelset.

9:zero:7 and o'beast

After much deliberation I decided to get a Large Marge Light wheelset built by – I thought about ordering the parts and doing the build myself but it turned out that the Bikeman price for a custom built wheel is highly competitive.

I’ve also got some RaceFace turbine fatbike cranks on their way – I got the red ones because they were the only ones in stock that were 170mm and they look pretty cool. Not sure how they are going to go with the orange frame, but I think they’ll be OK. People aren’t going to look much past the 4 inches of rubber anyway.

At this stage I’m aiming to have the build finished by the start of March, just in time for it to start cooling down and the beach crowds to start thinning out.


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New York & Hurricane Sandy, what now?

Fuelling their Rage: Violence breaks out over Sandy Gas Shortages.

Forget the warm, fuzzy sense of neighbourliness that came after the disaster. That was sooooo Wednesday afternoon. Frustration is now boiling over as desperate locals queue up to six hours for petrol.

Across New York and New Jersey, up to 80 per cent of gas stations remain closed after the storm. The stations are closed not only because of a supply shortage, but because power is still out, and power is required to pump petrol.

Oh how I was hoping these kinds of reports didn’t eventuate. With public transport crippled by flooding, a lot of people have had to walk everywhere. Many, many people are without power, so not only are they looking for fuel to power their cars, they want it for their generators.

There are some problem solvers left in NY though, they thought, how can we get around effectively without adding to the current fuel shortage problem or cramming up the public transport services that are running? Well the NY Times has published an article on just that.

One Way Around the Traffic Muddle in Brooklyn: Riding a Bicycle.

Thomas Jarrels, 46, who biked home to Crown Heights from his job as a sous-chef at a Midtown law firm, said he was glad to have had an impetus to bike to work. He said he was a bike messenger in the 1980s and loved biking, but had never commuted by bike until the storm disabled the subway. Though it took slightly longer than the train, he said, he thought he would keep biking even after the subway started running again.

Note to all Doomsday Preppers – a bicycle is an essential piece of equipment in the aftermath of a disaster. It is not reliant on fuel supplies, can be manoeuvred around downed trees and damaged roads, and can get you where you need to go.

Maybe even better if it’s a fat-bike. A fat-bike is probably overkill, but it is a cool excuse to buy a Salsa Mukluk!

Salsa Mukluk


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