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Kitties and Bicycles

I’ve complained before that my pets aren’t so much into my hobbies of cycling or kayaking. Well, check out Pikachu the Travelling Kitty! He hangs out in his bike trailer and let himself be chauffeured across the USA.

I’m not sure about the angle on Ted’s bike seat though.

My dogs are both too heavy to pull, so I got to thinking about the advantages of having a kitty companion on a bike tour.

They are much smaller and lighter than even the littlest dogs, and they don’t eat very much. They sleep 20 hours a day, so you can leave them doing their thing in a trailer whilst you drive the pedals. They have great balance so you don’t have to worry about them falling over in the trailer when you take a tight turn.

The problem is getting a kitty that is willing to encounter all kinds of new situations without freaking out too much. I am not sure either of my cats are as brave as Pikachu.

mittens bike

There is a big difference between sitting on my road bike on the trainer. I have raised the possibility of looking for another pet who could join me on my adventures but the inn is already full.

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