Happy New Year! 2013 to-do list Blackjack

02 Jan

Instead of making new years’ resolutions, I figured it would be better to make a ‘to-do’ list.

1. Build my 9:zero:7 fat bike (have frame, will build!) DONE
fat bike frame

2. Sell at least two bikes

3. Modify my CarryFreedom Y-Large bike trailer to carry my kayak

4. Ride as much of the Munda Biddi Trail as possible

5. DIY laundry renovation

6. Ride the Ocean Ride for MS, raising at least $300

7. Ride Amy’s Gran Fondo (15 September 2013), fundraise at least $500

8. Ride at least 8,000 kilometres for the year

9. Upgrade this blog to remove the ads, hopefully fund the upgrade via proceeds from readers buying via my Affiliate links.

10. Build my shed

11. Sponsor a dog at Swan Animal Haven and take it for weekend outings

12. Fix the muffler on my car

13. Organise some ‘slow rides’ to get out and enjoy bikes with newer riders

14. Keep my bikes clean and well tuned

15. Teach my dog Bender to stay on a kayak for more than 10 minutes in a position that allows me to paddle

16. Try kayaking in the surf

17. Take the dogs camping or road tripping as much as possible

18. Revisit Esperance, WA

19. Kayak to Seal and Penguin Islands at least once

20. Take friends kayaking in the Swan River

21. Ride tandem at least a couple of times

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