Owner Review: Schwinn Le Tour Sport Update – Ooops I broke it

01 Jan

My initial review of the Schwinn Le Tour Sport which I bought second hand in July 2012 is located here on my blog.

schwinn le tour

After 2,329 kilometres on the bike I have more to add. Yesterday both the pedals broke. I was not a huge fan of these pedals in the first place, but their flimsy construction is clearly not up to everyday use.

Broken pedal

As they were broken and twisted they immediately became very uncomfortable to ride on, and I believe they also took a bit of a chunk out of the soles of my shoes. They both broke in the same place at more or less the same time.

broken pedal macro

If you buy one of these bikes, and the standard pedals are these things, try and do a deal with the bike shop to swap them out because they aren’t going to last long!

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One response to “Owner Review: Schwinn Le Tour Sport Update – Ooops I broke it

  1. miklarchi

    May 16, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    Got me men’s one of these new late 2011, think special about $700.
    Just past 9000kms
    Agree ‘re the pedals, remember them dissolving in the first week. Think I’m a tad heavier than perthcyclist lol
    $50 set spd pedals since then perfect.

    Only other issue was a seized back brake. I’m a sweater and after leaking on the exposed galvanised cable for two years and meaning to get some tubing on it…….now has fish tank tubing on a SS cable, will last forever.
    The cable I got on line special $6 free postage w/e. After d/l instructions on sora dismantling , much reading and building up to the maintenance, I had a thought pulling old cable from where it clipped in, easy
    Then not so easy feeding new cable in. The old flashlight on the mobile came in handy.
    3 attempts later, cable of old mountain bike and shazzam 🙂

    The wheels are stock (touch wood not thrown one spoke) and even brake pads (not much on braking less efficient lol)

    Good solid bike, thought carbon update many times. But if it ain’t broke………


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