Owner Review: Walz Cap, Wool Four Panel Cap

26 Oct

You lose a lot of heat from the top of your head, which is why beanies are so useful in winter. Instead of wearing a thin merino beanie under my helmet, I figured I would try a wool cycling cap. We are heading in to summer in Australia now but I figured that I would still use it on cold winter mornings.

I ordered this cap from a boutique cycling cap maker in the USA, Walz Caps.

At the moment they have a deal – a wool cap and wool DeFeet sock combo for $39.95, which can be found by clicking the ad at the top of Yehuda Moon. The hat by itself can be had for $29.95.

They don’t charge for postage which is a plus for international buyers. They send it the slow way, but it still only took a couple of weeks to arrive in Australia.

I wear the cap under my helmet, it keeps my head warm, keeps the sun glare out of my eyes, and in winter I am hoping that the brim is just enough to stop raindrops from running into my eyes.

It was very handy for the early starts at the Ride to Conquer Cancer where it kept my head toasty warm for the first 30ks or so each day. It didn’t get damp from sweat, even when it started getting a little warmer. When I was done, I just folded it up and shoved it into either my jersey pocket, or my top tube bag (which at the time was a Tioga Fuel Tank, I will review that at a later date).

The cap was so comfortable that when we got back to camp and the sun went down, I put it back on and wore it in the mess tent at breakfast. We were given a ‘Conquer Cancer’ cap but that felt kind of stiff and irritating after wearing soft wool.

I ordered the Small sized DeFeet socks but they are a bit loose on my very small (size 38) feet. They are thin and breathable, not really winter socks but fine for the transition seasons. The advantage of wool socks of course is that they don’t stink up. They are not my favorite wool socks, that position is currently held by Icebreaker.

I would definitely order another cap from Walz Caps, they have many other styles and they have different materials too. Still not too sure about the socks though!

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One response to “Owner Review: Walz Cap, Wool Four Panel Cap

  1. Velophile Australia

    March 7, 2013 at 8:53 am

    Nice review. I own one of the 3 panel moisture wicking caps. Although I find the brim a little too floppy and difficult to flip up compared to my other Colnago cotton cycle cap, these are very comfortable! I’ve been wearing spectacles on my commutes lately, so wearing this cap is great to keep the glare of the sun out of my eyes in the afternoon. Cheers!


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