Perth Ride to Conquer Cancer Training: Chocolate Cookies, cyclist superfood!

24 Sep

Two rides this weekend, on Saturday I rode to ‘My Pet Warehouse’ in Osborne Park – I rode into the city via my local bike track, and then back up to Ozzie Park via the Mitchell Freeway path. The pet shop wasn’t far from the path, but even so, there was no bike parking! I expected that I would have to lock up to a sign, but I didn’t think I’d have to wade through rubbish and weeds.

I bought some stuff for the dogs, but they didn’t do cash out, so I had no money for the sausage sizzle and rode home hungry. I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice so I made a batch of chocolate cookies, minus the chocolate chips, for my big ride on Sunday.

I rode down to a friend’s place to hang around her garage sale in my lycra. It was a 72.3 kilometre one way trip, and when I had gotten there I was astounded to see that my average speed was 26.9 kilometres per hour. It had taken so long to break that 26 kph barrier, and I had finally done it! I credit it to my chocolate cookies!

I stopped once on the way down, for 15 minutes, so I wolfed down a cookie then. They aren’t really convenient to eat on the bike. It is a convenient bottle refill spot as well – the only water fountain that I know of on the Kwinana Freeway bike path. It’s a couple of kilometres North of Cockburn Central (for those who aren’t from Perth that is pronounced Coe-burn, not how it is spelled).

After a day of hanging around the garage sale, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ride the whole way home. The sea breeze had wafted in and made the ride a bit easier, so I kept going. I managed to finish the ride with an average of 28.3 kilometres per hour.

I don’t know how you can live in Perth and not love it. Well, apart from some of the bogans who seem to try their best to ruin it all. I did get slapped on the lower back by some tool kid on the back of a trail bike somewhere near Mortimer Road. There was a group of three bikes and after the first one went past and slapped me I rode wider to force them on to the dirt. I got a few middle fingers for my trouble. I thought about pulling my camera out of my back pocket, but that would have resulted in, well, blurry pictures of their backs.

Anyway, after 144 kilometres, I say bring the Ride to Conquer Cancer! I am ready!

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