Owner Review: Nathan Reflective Ankle Bands

20 Sep

As I use my bicycle as my primary means of transport, I am often stuck with the dilemma of what to do about my pants to keep them from flapping into my chain. I have tried rolling the chain side leg up, but usually the pants come unrolled with the motion of pedalling. I have tried tucking my pants into my sock, but that looks lame, and I’m not always wearing socks.

Then I had a brainwave – what if I use those reflective ankle bands that the safety nuts wear? It would add to my visibility at night, which is a bonus, but the primary purpose would be to keep those darn pants out of the darn chain. I am sick of ripping holes in my pants.

I ordered these from Ezisports Online, who are an Australian triathlon online retailer. The postage time was comparable to Wiggle, and soon enough these were in my letterbox. You can get similar reflective bands and vests from Wiggle too (check my ‘Affiliates’ page for the link to either store).

The orange ones are designed for runners, whilst the yellow ones are designed for cyclists. They both work for my purpose of keeping my pants away from my chain, but I must say I prefer the orange ones.

The Good

The orange ones have a wider band so they hold your pants away from your chain more effectively. They also are a bit more padded, so they are much nicer if you decide to wear them directly against your skin. The yellow ones have a harder, plastic type backing which would be irritating after a while.

I have been told that they are very reflective and show up in car headlights very prominently, along with the reflector on my rear Radbot light. The advantage of having reflective straps on your ankles being the movement – it is very eye catching and identifies you as a cyclist on the road. The other advantage is that you can just whip them off when you get to your destination – you could either chuck them in your pocket, or maybe put them on underneath your pants (again the orange ones would be more comfortable for this).

The Bad

They are both just basic velcro straps, so they can be a bit fiddly to put on tight – it’s not a one handed job for me, but I guess I am not the most coordinated person in the world. They could perhaps do with a plastic loop that you could loop the velcro strap to in order to pull on it.


If you are in the market for reflective bands that keep your pants out of your chain then have a look at these. I would recommend the orange ones for their width and the padding on the back. They are certainly handy and they have an added bonus of being shiny and making you stand out on the road.

Ezisports also have a range of Nathan reflective vests for both runners and cyclists. They look to be lightweight and a cut above the road worker vests I see some cyclists wearing around here. Has anyone seen them or tried them out?

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