Training Ride: Beach Loop, Perth Ride to Conquer Cancer

01 Sep

There is a huge advantage to having a riding buddy – photos end up actually having people in them. We did the same loop, more or less, as last weekend. Home to the beach, along the coast to North Fremantle, then we went back up the coast a little to Cottesloe where I ate a hotdog (I was hungry, OK!), and then home again.

admiring the view

waiting for hot dog

There was a 30% chance of rain, but the rain stayed away for us. It was pretty windy, but at least it was a headwind on the way out and a tail wind on the way home.

We saw a guy with a red Bike Friday New World Tourist near Subiaco, and I called out ‘Bike Friday’, he smiled and waved. I wonder how many people actually recognise his bike as he pedals around. Mine gets some funny looks but no-one really says anything.

As we were getting closer to home, I had slowed down to wait for my riding buddy, and was overtaken by a guy on an electric monster-board, followed by his mate who was riding a fairly powerful DIY e-bike.

electric skateboard

The board looked a bit like this, but with bigger wheels and it sure packed some power. The chunky tyres hummed like big mud tyres on a four wheel drive truck. They sat on about 25 kph up a hill after overtaking me, the guy on the ebike not pedalling at all. I decided I didn’t need to wait for my riding buddy and that smoking these guys with leg power would be the most fun. The guy on the board was looking at his buddy on the ebike and he knew I was sitting behind them. I overtook them and the sound of humming tyres blissfully faded into the distance. I waited at the end of the path for my buddy and they came along after I’d been stopped a while. We exchanged smiles as they continued on.

I feel like I could do it all again tomorrow, but I won’t. I have other things to be working on. Maybe a shorter ride is in order.

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