Owner Review: Macpac 150gsm Merino Cycling Jersey

09 Jun

Icebreaker, a famous NZ merino-clothing brand has a new catchcry “nature is better than plastic”, I wholeheartedly agree after finally getting some lovely superfine garments for myself – none of them from Icebreaker though as even on sale their stuff is crazy-expensive, and usually is cut for someone with a more athletic figure than myself.

I stalked into Macpac one day at lunch time and saw they were having a Merino clearance, including these cycling jerseys which were going out the door for $55.95.

mac pac merino jersey

Macpac Merino jersey

They only had two colours left, black and a bright blue colour. Both jerseys had grey panels, and there are reflective logos on the centre/rear pocket, the sleeve and one shoulder (facing forward). It has a full length zip. I went for the blue colour for visibility.

While this jersey isn’t skin-tight like the synthetic jerseys I own, it doesn’t flap around in the wind enough to be annoying.

The main advantage though, is that I can ride to work in the morning, let it air out during the day, and put it on again to ride home without the stink of the synthetic jerseys after sweat has evaporated off them. I have now worn it two days in a row without any discernable stink. It dries faster than a cotton shirt too.

Bottom line, if you can find yourself a merino jersey that fits you and doesn’t break the bank, go for it. The only caveat is that if you wear a backpack a lot, then you might get some premature wear around your backpack straps just because of how lightly woven 150gsm merino is.


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2 responses to “Owner Review: Macpac 150gsm Merino Cycling Jersey

  1. aushiker

    June 11, 2012 at 8:24 am

    Keep on eye on a New Zealand company called Bivouac. They often have good prices on Icebreaker. I recently picked up some GT150 tops from them for around $50 each. The fit isn’t tight either so okay for us folks who a not athletic in shape 🙂

    • perthcyclist

      June 12, 2012 at 12:26 am

      Thanks for the headsup there! I will keep an eye on that website for sure.


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