Random Bike Builds: Single Speed MTB urban commuter

23 Mar

I have done a few bike builds lately, basically I start with a frame that gives me some inspiration and seek to make something of it. Most of the stuff I have is what serious roadies consider obsolete trash. This new project makes use of the Cromoly steel frame and fork from my first real mountain bike. It has an old style 1″ threaded steerer, but it’s not heavy, and because I am short it’s actually quite hard for me to find frames that are the right size for me on the second hand market.

I stripped this frame some time ago and I put a coat of primer on it, mainly for storage. I did an order with Wiggle for some bits and pieces.

SS MTB Build

I decided to lay all the parts down to help with the motivation process

So here we have a Halo Combat wheel with a 10T driver, SRAM Truative cranks, Wellgo platform BMX pedals, Token lock on grips, Clarks brake cables, the frame of a 1999 Malvern Star Vertigo, bars and stem from the Repco out the back which I picked up off the verge, a seat post from the Vertigo…. and a cheap saddle.

I’m going to paint the frame/forks/seatpost/bars/stem flat black. Tomorrow I will acquire some paint. I have some nice Halo stickers that came with the wheel to put on the fork.

The budget for this bike is $250. I am going to get pretty close to it. A lot of people would say ‘why bother, you can get something for $350 and not have to do any work’.

I am just attached to the frame & fork, and I hate to see things go to waste. Old road bikes make good singlespeeds because of their horizontal dropouts – the problem is that old road bikes that fit short people like me are very few and far between … so this bike is kind of an alternative to the hipster singlespeed for short people. We shall see how it turns out.


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2 responses to “Random Bike Builds: Single Speed MTB urban commuter

  1. Andy in Germany

    March 25, 2012 at 11:47 am

    I have the same problem with frames, mainlly because I’m the size, as my friends so kindly say, od a small hobbit. I’m not sure I’d want to atack our roads with a singlespeed, but I’ve got a project of my own coming up. By the way, any tips for painting bikes, specifically so the pains stays on th bike for more than one ride afterwards?


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