My Bikes: Upgrading the CRX2

28 Nov

The CRX with shiny new hoops

The CRX2 was looking and feeling a little bit tired, so when I saw someone selling a set of very lightly used DT-Swiss 1800s off their Giant TCR I decided to snap them up. I am fairly happy with the performance of the DT1800s on my TCR, so I thought they would have to be better than the R500s the CRX came stock with about 13,000kms ago.

The DT1800s roll smooth like butter and it’s really given the CRX a new lease on life. It’s my favorite commuter again. They also have a unique kind of hum when they are rolling – it is amplified by the fat tubes on the TCR, so they are a bit more subtle on the aluminium CRX.

It’s amazing the difference a wheel upgrade makes to a bike that is feeling a little tired.

The R500s will go onto a gaspipe Repco Mixte that I picked up off ebay for $10. The Mixte came complete, except for wheels. I stripped it last autumn, but it’s been too cold and wet to actually paint it, since I have to paint outside. I enjoy painting frames, so decided I would rattle can this instead of sending it to the powdercoaters. Hopefully I will get a chance to actually paint it in the next month or so!

The Repco Mixte


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2 responses to “My Bikes: Upgrading the CRX2

  1. Andy in Germany

    December 5, 2011 at 6:38 am

    Very nice. I like the clean lines of a mudguard free bike. Unfortunately if I tried riding a bike like that I’d come home covered in mud and cow poo.

    I’ve often wondered about getting a mixte as a ‘guest’ bike as well, but I think our garage is quite full enough already.

    How do you get a rattlecan paint job to last? My attempts so far have chipped very quickly.

    • perthcyclist

      December 5, 2011 at 9:05 am

      my trick with rattlecans is time….. it takes ages for the paint to cure properly (if it ever does) – the other secret is clear coat. Its not as durable as powder coat or even proper paint really but the mixte is not exactly a top of the line item 🙂


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