Car vs House: Car smashes through a fence and into a cubby house in Kardinya

21 Nov

The original story is here.

This one is more of a car vs cubby house, but I thought that it was worth adding to my collection on the blog. It happened in broad daylight so the likelihood of the kids being out in the yard was pretty high! It seems a bit odd that the laneway didn’t have bollards to stop the vehicle from entering. As irritating as bollards can be sometimes, especially when towing the Bike Friday trailer, I think in those kinds of laneways they are preferable to this kind of thing happening.

TWO Kardinya families had a lucky escape this morning when a car smashed through a laneway, ploughed through their backyards and came to rest against a cubbyhouse.

Witnesses said the driver was being followed by police when the car mounted the curb and into a winding pedestrian laneway.

Kidson St resident Jacqui Mooney, 39, said her kids often played in the cubbyhouse and her 11-month-old had been near it only moments before the vehicle crashed through her fence.

“It’s just shocking. We’re not even near a main road,” she said.

“Any of us could have been out here. My husband’s always out watering the vegetable garden.

“I actually thought our neighbour was under the car for a moment because she’s normally out doing her washing.”

Neighbour Hazel Paterson said when she first saw the police she thought there was an armed robber.


“I looked out the window and I just couldn’t work out where the car had come from,” Ms Paterson said.

“I thought I heard someone say `gun’ and I ran two houses up to my neighbours.

“I’m usually out doing Saturday’s washing and it was only because I’d had a new lounge suite to set up that I was inside.”

Sergeant Greg Woodward said police were called about a suspicious person in a vehicle.
The chase began when the man refused to stop for police, he said.

“We followed him through the streets when he smashed through the laneway,” Sgt Woodward said.

“The car was not stolen that we know of but it did have false number plates.”

A man was arrested and was yesterday assisting police with their enquiries.

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