Perth Cycling Infrastructure: Update, Maylands Station Lock n Ride (take 2)

21 Oct

I just got an email from Transperth stating that the smartrider reader on the Maylands Station Lock n Ride is now operational. I did spot some guys working on it earlier in the week – it looked like they had to pull up a bunch of pavers in order to lay the cables.

Anyway, here is the email:

Thankyou for registering to use Transperth’s new Lock n Ride Bike Shelter SmartRider access system.
The SmartRider access system for the Bike Shelter at Maylands Station will commence on Monday 24th October 2011.
Your SmartRider Card has been registered and will be your only means of access to the Bike Shelter from this date.  The gate to the shelter will be locked at all times, but you will be able to access the shelter throughout the day by following these steps:
  • Press the yellow button on the Bike Parking Machine
  • Tag your SmartRider on the card reader (illustrated below) 
  • Enter the Bike Shelter once the gate unlocks automatically
  • Park and lock your bike in the Bike Shelter using one of the u-rails – we recommend that you use a robust personal lock or chain to secure your bike to the u-rail
  • To exit the Bike Shelter, simply click the latch on the inside of the gate lock
  • Please ensure that the gate shuts and locks properly when you exit (a gate closer has been installed so this should happen automatically)
If you have any queries about this service, or about the use of bikes on Transperth services, please contact us by reply email, or visit…
I am looking forward to testing it out and seeing if it actually does work on the way home today. I saw a couple of bikes in it this morning – I wonder if the gate actually now being Smartrider enabled will mean more cyclists use it.

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