Everyday cycling: Xtracycles carrying other bikes

18 Oct

I won an auction on ebay for three Chopper frames. The only problem – the car is many hundreds of kilometres away and not available for pick up duties. Turns out the choppers were not that far from my place – about a 10km round trip.

The answer?

Xtracycle loaded with chopper frames

My Xtracycle loaded with 3 chopper frames

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One response to “Everyday cycling: Xtracycles carrying other bikes

  1. Andy in Germany

    October 21, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    Sounds good: I hope it gets used. Our locl town of 20000 people installed some bike boxes, with great fanfare: there were four, so 5000 people per box. That was five years ago, there’s a waiting list, and the the town says they ‘still need to evaluate the boxes’ or in other words “We don’t want to get any more”.


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