Owner Review: Ebay Wireless Bike Speedometer

11 Oct

I bought this bike computer on ebay for $7.29 with free postage. I put it on my Giant TCR Advanced W, and so far have used it for two 60km rides. I bought it for the speed readout, average speed, trip distance and total distance functions. I had to do some McGuyvering in order to get the handlebar mount to go on my stem, but it wasn’t complicated.

Bike speedometer

Bike Speedo, going cheap!

The Good

Cheap, so cheap.

Accurate enough – it agreed with my GPS by 100m or so over a 60km ride.

It’s pretty straight forward to cycle through the display options.

The Bad

There’s something loose in it, and it rattles over bumps.

It does like telling me I am going 27.7kph.

In conclusion

If you want a bike computer but don’t have much cash then grab one of these. Odds are you will be sick of looking at it anyway by the time it dies.

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