Everyday Cycling: Breakfast and Sausages

01 Oct
Riding on beautiful bike path

My "bike highway"

This morning we resumed our usual tradition of going out for breakfast on weekends. We hop on our bikes and ride to Maylands with it’s abundance of newly founded cafes.

It is quicker to ride than to stuff around getting the car out, driving it and finding a parking spot at the other end, which is becoming increasingly difficult as people in the surrounding suburbs discover this new cafe strip.

Bike parking is not the norm in the area though, thankfully there are plenty of parking signs that are good to lock your bike to.

A parking sign makes a good bike rack

A parking sign makes a good bike rack

The cafe is called ‘Chapels on Whatley’ used to be an antique store, but now is a cafe/tea house out the front, and an antique store out the back. They have a bottomless tea deal, you buy tea and you can have as much as you want – you can even have different teas. The only condition is you aren’t allowed to share your cup. It is a pretty good deal considering how many different varieties they have. They import all their own tea, so they are different blends which you might not see in a standard cafe.

the tea wall at Chapels

The wall of tea at Chapels on Whatley

I am not really a tea fan, so I got a coffee – which was great. Breakfast was good and so was the conversation around the table.

Today is the day of the Australian Football League grand final, and the plan was to sit around at home and watch the game. We decided to go via the butchers on the way home to get some sausages to cook up at half time for lunch. Parking near the butcher is a bit of a pain for cars, but we get to park right at the door.

Parking at the butcher

Prime parking at the butcher shop

Sausages acquired, we headed home to take up our positions on the couch. It has been a great day so far. Now, GO THE CATS!!!

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