Car vs House: Drunk driver plows into a house in Tapping, WA – injures man

19 Sep

These stories seem to happen at least once a month in WA, so I have decided to keep track of them on this blog. I wonder, does this kind of thing happen in other countries? What can be done to stop it? 

I myself have witnessed an out of control car plow into my neighbour’s fence and knock out their water main when I was living in Perth’s South Eastern suburbs. In my current house, a driver who blew a positive BAC reading at the scene lost control of his car at high speed and hit the power pole, and my car, which was parked on the grass verge in front of the house. Both cars were written off and Western Power had to replace the power pole, which was cracked and only being held up by some metal bracing. The passenger was injured and was taken from the scene in an ambulance. The driver’s airbag was deployed and the car looked like a crumpled ball of tinfoil.

I sure hope they charge the guy, the police have said ‘no charges have been laid’.

This story is from perthnow – Young mum tells of horror as ‘drunk’ smashes car through house

The woman, Victoria Keep, said her husband Ian was lucky to be alive after a car, driven by an alleged drunk-driver, smashed through their house in Ashley Road, Tapping about 7pm last night.

Sergeant Gerry Cassidy said the grey Nissan Maxima hit a small tree at the front of the home before smashing through a front window and a wall into the kitchen and then out through the rear sliding doors to the patio area.

Mr Keep was sitting at the kitchen table at the time and was thrown outside the house by the impact of the car, along with household furniture.

His wife, who had just left the table to put their two-year-old son to bed, was uninjured.

A distressed Mrs Keep told ABC radio this morning the couple had come to Australia four months ago from Britain, “for a better life.”

She said they had returned from a weekend camping trip and she was putting their son to bed, while her husband sat at the dining table downloading photographs taken at the weekend onto a computer.

 “As I kissed my son goodnight and walked out of the bedroom there was an almighty explosion happened before my eyes,” she said.

“I thought it was a gas explosion, I couldn’t see, there was so much smoke.

“It wasn’t till I turned around and saw tail-lights that I realised a car had come through our house.

“I was screaming for my husband because I couldn’t see anything.

“The driver got out of the car and said ‘I am so sorry’.

“I was screaming for my husband. He had been wiped out of the house. I just dug as quickly as I could because he was buried.

“He was covered in blood.

“My husband is OK, he is very badly bruised, he has got a lot of cuts on his face, but he is lucky to be alive.”

The woman said the couple had just arrived in Perth from the UK and she was now hunting for a rental property while neighbours cared for her young son.

“We have only been in the country for four months, we came here from the UK for a better life.

“We are alive and that is the main thing.”

She said the driver of the car was “driving at great speed” and was “completely drunk.”

“The guy was absolutely drunk as anything, he could hardly stand up,” she said.

“He was going extremely fast, and the guy was clearly absolutely drunk.

“He said ‘I’m so sorry, I’m drunk.”

The woman’s husband was taken to Joondalup Health Campus with lacerations and fractures, but his injuries are not life-threatening.

Sergeant Gerry Cassidy told PerthNow the 24-year-old driver of the car was taken into police custody and breath-tested last night but has been released. No charges have yet been laid.



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