Everyday Riding: Visiting IKEA

18 Sep

For the second weekend in a row, I rode to IKEA. Last weekend I took the xtracycle and came back with three shoe racks and various other odds and ends –  I also picked up a massive teddy bear along the way as there was a bulk waste collection (that is where the local government sends out a notice, people put all their junk on the roadside verge, and on the day the council workers come around and take it all to the rubbish dump).

This week we went to check out the range of couches, as we are looking at getting rid of our old ones. It is about 13 kilometres from my house to IKEA, with a 3k stretch which is on a 70kph, 2 lane major road (Morley Drive). The rest of the distance is on back streets. You can do the 3k stretch on back streets too, but you will end up doing an extra 3 kilometres and exponentially increase your chance of getting lost!

Morley Drive is not normally very busy on a Saturday morning, so there is plenty of room for cars to overtake. We were still buzzed by one driver who did not have the foresight to change lanes before he ended up right behind us. There happened to be a car in the right hand lane just then so he passed me about 30 centimetres alway from my handlebars at 70kph. All he needed to do was slow down a bit and he could have gotten in the right hand lane, or he could have done what everyone else was doing, changing lanes as soon as they saw us.

As usual, when we got to IKEA, we were the only cyclists there. IKEA has very well located bike racks, right near the main entrance, but the surrounding area is a major freeway on/off ramp and it is a traffic sewer – always busy and congested.

IKEA bike parking

Lovely bike parking at IKEA, as usual we have it all to ourselves.

We went straight to the couches and tested them very thoroughly. I am sold on the Kivik range, but I think I may still have some convincing work to do. There were a lot of people wandering past wearing West Coast Eagles jumpers, as they were playing in a preliminary final at 5.30pm. I then realised why IKEA was so quiet last weekend – everyone was at home watching the Eagles lose to Collingwood!

testing IKEA couches

Testing out the couches - yes I am wearing SPD shoes...

I don’t usually wear my SPDs on short cycling trips like this, but my casual shoes were wet from the ride home from work on Friday. SPDs have a tiny, recessed cleat, and apart from the stiffer than usual sole they are not bad to walk in.

After testing the couches, we wandered through the rest of the store, but there were no purchases this time around. We ate cheap IKEA food in the food hall (the coffee wasn’t very nice though!), and then headed home. We stopped at home for 20 minutes, swapped bikes (the Giant CRX2 swapped for the Giant TCR Advanced W), met up with a mate and then went for a ride to a lovely Tea house on the river.

Total kilometres for Saturday: 42. Not bad.

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